• Piping System


Our Company

Vesbo is committed to the betterment of housing and living needs, and the advancement of wellbeing. A house is not a home till it is made healthy and comfortable for dwelling. Since the realisation of our first product, we have always focused on professionalism and technology advancement in… More >

Our Products

As the industry and market change, so too is Vesbo’s alignment of R&D strengths and product lines. More than adapting to changes, we are unravelling and identifying new opportunities in the industry and market. More >

Our Philosophy

Maintaining a global viewpoint, we are dedicated to supplying products of the highest quality to worldwide customer satisfaction. More >

Total Quality Management

The key to designing and building quality is “kaizen”, which means continual improvement. We set aside time for every individual production team to suggest ways to improve our manufacturing process. In other words, we give our associates ownership to their process by dividing up associates into production teams. More >

Safe, Environment, and Health

At Vesbo, we conduct our manufacturing operations in an environmentally acceptable manner, and we seek continual advancements in production processes, management policies and systems for environment, health and safety, as well as pollution prevention. More >

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