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VESBO® is committed to the betterment of housing and living needs, and the advancement of wellbeing. A house is not a home till it is made healthy and comfortable for dwelling. Since the realisation of our first product, we have always focused on professionalism and technology advancement in:

  1. Transforming our client’s homes into a healthy and safe living environment.
  2. Developing a framework and realizing cohesive values for our employee’s career.
  3. Building a sustainable future for our society.

VESBO® is a leading brand in the thermoplastic (PP-R) piping industry. With offices located in Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific and distribution networks covering 75 countries and regions, VESBO® sets the trend for research and development, manufacturing, and sales volumes in the industry.

VESBO in the Asia-Pacific

VESBO® PP-R pipes and fittings were introduced to the Far East markets in 1994. Located in Singapore, Vesbo Asia Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of KAR Group of Companies and is the Asia Pacific marketing arm of VESBO®. It is established to introduce, market and assign distributors for Novaplast Plastik’s manufactured products in the Asia Pacific region.

VESBO invest in the Asia-Pacific

VESBO’s first manufacturing facility outside of Turkey, Novaplast Malaysia, is located in the Iskandar Region of Johor (Malaysia) – about an hour’s drive from Vesbo Asia Pacific office in Singapore. The plant offers a full range of VESBO® PP-R pipes and fittings with a total annual capacity of 10,000 metric tonnes of processed products. It is driven by a core team of experienced managers and technical supervisors from VESBO headquarters in Europe. The EUR10-million regional facility is jointly invested by Arcon Germany, Novaplast Turkey and Vesbo Asia (Singapore), and is part of the global plan to invest EUR30 million in production facilities and logistic hubs over 7 years. It is a key milestone on VESBO’s strategic, long-term global development roadmap to deliver consistently high quality products to regional customers who have grown to be at home with VESBO®.

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