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As the industry and market change, so too is VESBO’s alignment of R&D strengths and product lines. More than adapting to changes, we are unravelling and identifying new opportunities in the industry and market.

At VESBO®, our manufacturing facilities are built by renowned European corporations such as Battenfeld, Cincinnati and Kraus-Maffei; whereas our raw materials are produced by famous European corporations such as SABIC, Borealis and Basell. For 25 years, the successful application in drinking water and satisfied users worldwide are testimony of VESBO® quality.

Today our distribution and sales network covers 75 countries and regions, and continues to grow in strength. We aim to bring utmost satisfaction to our customers through products and service excellence. VESBO® pipes and fittings are recognised and certified by renowned quality testing organisations worldwide. We guarantee our products arising from manufacturing defects with third party product liability insurance.

At VESBO®, we are proud to have an experienced R&D team dedicated to improving on existing products and developing new products with a focus on market needs. In selected regions, we commit 4% of the company’s annual revenue to R&D drives, and at the same time we actively pursue and develop collaborations with local universities and technological institutes.

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