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Safe, Environment, and Health

At VESBO®, we conduct our manufacturing operations in an environmentally acceptable manner, and we seek continual advancements in production processes, management policies and systems for environment, health and safety, as well as pollution prevention. We are fully dedicated to delivering products and services that are environmentally friendly and safe. Together with our employees and partners, VESBO® will uphold a healthy and safe work environment for all.

We take pride in VESBO’s high standards of hygiene – a result of our persistent strive for the better. Our standards meet the requirements of most countries and regions. Our direction indeed is to constantly raise the bar from a global viewpoint, and this is consistent with our commitment to the Responsible Care initiative for plastics management.

Esteemed to be a trusted company for our global customers, protection of the environment is one of VESBO’s key objectives. Being a socially responsible corporate citizen, we will always pay close attention to protecting the environment in the production process. One of our global strategic trusts is to fulfill environmental protection requirements in our production and sales, and in equipment usage. In all our endeavors, our utmost concern is the health and safety of our users, staff and work teams.

At VESBO®, effective environmental protection is as quintessential as efficient manufacturing operations. We will consistently maintain a high sense of care and responsibility towards resources deployed in the course of our operations.

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