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Total Quality Management

The key to designing and building quality is “kaizen”, which means continual improvement. We set aside time for every individual production team to suggest ways to improve our manufacturing process. In other words, we give our associates ownership to their process by dividing up associates into production teams. In each team, associates are cross-trained with each other’s tasks.

This provides our associates with deeper skill sets to build their careers; they are not assigned to only a single task for thousands of hours a year. Instead, they are well-rounded technology professionals.

Secondly, it creates workforce versatility; a multi-trained associate can fill in for an absent team mate whenever and wherever needed. This flexibility makes the “just-in-time” method of production possible.

Challenges may and will arise at times when a team member needs assistance, another can provide it. It is a win-win situation. In short, VESBO® associates are independent individuals as well as team players to helping each other succeed.

The secret of VESBO® Quality is not simply hiring the best people. It is in giving our associates the power to make decisions on how a VESBO® product should be made. By giving the highest responsibility to those making the products, we are able to spot any defects or improvements needed before it is even finished.

The Quality Process is an integral part of VESBO®. Our quality action teams throughout the world are continually working to improve VESBO® products, processes and procedures to better meet customer requirements.

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