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Why choose VESBO® among the numerous PP-R brands in the market?

VESBO® PP-R pipes and fittings are of German quality, original import from Turkey. As a leader in thermoplastic pipe trade, the manufacturer of VESBO® is one of the first PP-R pipe production enterprises in the world. In addition, VESBO® pipes and fittings are approved by the most recognized international quality assurance organizations. PP-R piping systems marked with VESBO® will have a guaranteed lifespan of fifty years.

Compared to the numerous PP-R brands in Chinese market, VESBO® is well known as a world-class brand in pipes of Germany quality and original import from Turkey, bringing you unparalleled quality at reasonable pricing.

Are there VESBO products available on-line?


Where to purchase VESBO® products?

You can purchase from the list of authorised distributors listed in VESBO® Asia-Pacific official website. VESBO® has always been the subject of illegal counterfeit manufacturers. Please do not believe in VESBO® distributor information from unofficial or unsolicited sources.
As VESBO® has always been a target for counterfeiting, please ONLY PURCHASE FROM VESBO®’S LIST OF AUTHORISED DISTRIBUTORS.

How to distinguish good PP-R pipes and fittings from inferior ones?

PP-R materials are closely linked with quality and lifespan of pipes and fittings. Thus not many PP-R manufacturers have been certified by international quality assurance organizations. It is difficult for consumers to identify good PP-R pipes and fittings from inferior ones only by naked eyes. The safest way to buy PP-R pipes and tubes is from VESBO®’s list of certified and authorised distributors.

What is PP-R?

PP-R is “Polypropylene-Random” in short. Polypropylene (PP) is a type of polyolefin plastics for general use, featuring high production output, low in price and heatproof performance. PP-R pipes are commonly used in replacement of zinc-coated pipes, UPVC water-supply pipes, aluminium composite pipes, PE pipes, PE-X pipes, PE-RT pipes. Due to application of random copolymer technology, the hardness and high temperature resistance of polypropylene can be greatly ensured. PP-R pipes can have a service life of over 50 years, delivering hot water at 70°C and working under 112 MPA. Thus it is an ideal cold-hot plastic pipe. Ever since the invention of PP-R pipes during the 1980’s, it has taken a large market share in current piping materials market in Europe. At present, there are over 80% inner water supply pipelines using PP-R pipes in Europe.

How to distinguish from counterfeits?

VESBO® is easily and constantly subjected to counterfeiting due to its history, reputation and leading position in the industry. Some lawbreakers intend to infringe upon the benefits of VESBO® and its consumers by multiple means, including by use of similar brands to VESBO®, setting up websites and manufacturing of counterfeit products. VESBO® is now making great effort to protect its legal rights and consumers’ interests – including and not limited to legal actions. www.VESBO.com is the only legal and official VESBO® website worldwide. The constantly updated distributors listed in this website are the only known and reputed authorised distributors of VESBO®.

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