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About PP-R

What is PP-R

VESBO® PP-R pipes and fittings are manufactured from high quality, Polypropylene Random Co-polymer resins (PP-R Type 3). Its physical and chemical properties make VESBO® a versatile piping system in a wide range of applications in different industries. More >

PP-R Benefits

PP-R pipes are resistant to high temperature, high pressure and corrosion. They can be used for at least 50 years under a working condition of 70°C and 1.0 MPa. Under normal temperatures they may last more than 100 years. More >

PP-R Raw Materials

PP-R pipes by design require the most rigorous standards on the quality of raw materials. Internationally approved raw materials for PP-R pipes undergo long-term hydrostatic creep test, to ascertain their quality for certification. More >

Standards & Certifications

European standards for PP-R pipes include DIN8077 Polypropylene (PP) Pipe Dimension and DIN8078 General Quality Requirement and Testing Method of Polypropylene (PP) Pipe. More >

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