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Standards & Certifications

European standards for PP-R pipes include DIN8077 Polypropylene (PP) Pipe Dimension and DIN8078 General Quality Requirement and Testing Method of Polypropylene (PP) Pipe.

DIN 16962 applies to fittings. The international standard has also been formulated into the draft ISO/DIS15874 Plastic Piping System used for Cold and Hot Water. This standard consists of 7 parts, providing a unified set of standards from raw materials to construction acceptance for PP pipes. The formal version will be published soon. Many other countries and regions also make varying references to German standards, Japanese standards or Korean standards.

Another respectable feature of VESBO® is its endorsement and approval by most international renowned quality inspection institutes. These include:

EN ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9000 series is the most well known standard amongst many international standards established by ISO (International Organization for Standardisation). This standard is not a factor in product evaluation but an organizational and administrative standard for evaluation of quality control during production process.

Production Testing and Monitoring of SKZ Germany Plastics Research Institute

It is internationally known that SKZ certification is the most rigorous certification for industrial products. Holding SKZ quality certification means quality. SKZ certification is not a one-off certification. The responsibility of Vesbo is that SKZ will make non-scheduled and spot inspection on products periodically from the date the certification is awarded.

Official Approval on Fittings by Peoples Republic of China Health Department

Official Approval on Pipes by Peoples Republic of China Health Department

Affordable Housing Demonstration Project of Peoples Republic of China Ministry of Construction

DVGW Certification

“DVGW is lucid and neutral based on high technology. Since its establishment in 1859, it has been devoted to promotion of water & gas technology and economy development, and also paid great attention to safety, health and environment protection. The technology specification made by DVGW has laid solid foundation for security and reliability of management of German supply industry. DVGW is necessary to industrial control in water and gas supply. The technology regulations include the most effective and probable safety standard of Germany and European.”

─ DVGW Certification

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