• Piping System

What is PP-R

VESBO®PP-R pipes and fittings are manufactured from high quality, Polypropylene Random Co-polymer resins (PP-R Type 3). Its physical and chemical properties make VESBO® a versatile piping system in a wide range of applications in different industries.

Its advantages over PP types 1 or 2 and other thermoplastic pipes in the potable water industries are its high impact strength and resistance to high temperatures.

PP-R pipes and fittings are an exceptional alternative for copper pipe, galvanized pipe, UPVC service pipe, PE pipe, PE-X pipe and PE-RT pipe. As it uses random copolymerization technology, which ensures polypropylene intensity and heat resistance, PP-R pipe can be used for transferring 70ºC hot water under long-term 1.0 MPa condition with a service life of more than 50 years, making it the ideal plastic pipe for hot and cold water applications. Ever since its invention in the 1980’s, the PP-R pipe has taken a large market share in piping all over the world. It is mainly applied in:

  • Hot and cold water system for buildings, including central heating system;
  • Heating system in buildings, including underfloor, wall panel and radiant heating system;
  • Potable water supply system;
  • Central air-conditioning system;
  • Industrial piping system for chemical mediator transferring or discharging.

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