• Piping System


Prominent Projects

Notable Projects

  • Yunnan Culture & Fashion Center
  • Yunnan Fragrance Condominium
  • Yunnan Golden Sunshine Condominium
  • Staff Residential Quarter of Yunnan University
  • Azure Mansion
  • The Cangjiang River Garden
  • Tongren Buisness & Residential Building, Kunming
  • Inpatient Building of Yunnan University
  • The Multi-function Building of Yunnan State Seismological Bureau
  • Kunming Yinhai Urban Garden
  • The Library of Yangpu Campus of Yunan University
  • The Outdoor Irrigation Project of Yunan Transport Police Corps
  • The Renovation Project of Yaolong Hotel, Kunming
  • The Renovation Project of Guantong Hotel
  • Yunnan Tuodong Mansion
  • The Pure Water Transport Project of Kunming Power Plant
  • The Residence of the Chief Officer of No.14 Group Army
  • The Specimen House & Laboratory of Yunnan botanical Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Tanyun Condominium
  • The Post Business Building of Yunnan Province
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